Sirop de coacaze fara fierbere/No Boil Blackcurrant Syrup

Acest Sirop de coacaze fara fierbere are un mod de preparare identic cu cel al siropului de zmeura fara fierbere, dar cu fermentare.

Preparat in acest mod, siropul isi pastreaza toate vitaminele si principiile nutritive care l-au consacrat. Metoda poate fi usor modificata, in functie de cum crede fiecare ca este mai bine pentru organismului sau.

Prima metoda foloseste o cantitate mai mare de zahar, adica 1.5 kg pentru 1 litru de lichid, cealalta foloseste zaharul normal pentru sirop, adica 1 kg/1 litru, insa se mai adauga 1 pastila jumatate de aspirina netamponata.

sirop de coacaze fara fierbere

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Sirop de coacaze fara fierbere – Ingrediente si Mod de preparare

  • Coacaze negre (pot fi amestecate negre si rosii) – orice cantitate pe care o culegem (cumpara)
  • Apa
  • Zahar
  • Aspirina (pentru varianta II)

Coacazele de desfac de pe codite, se spala bine daca nu stim sursa, si se pun intr-o oala incapatoare. Se incepe zdrobirea lor cu mana, pur si simplu. Se adauga o cantitate de apa, atat cat sa le acopere si chiar sa le depaseasca cu 1-2 cm. Se amesteca bine compozitia, se acopera cu un prosop si se lasa la fermentat la caldura, 3-4 zile. Se amesteca ocazional. Cand pulpa coacazelor s-a ridicat la suprafata in strat consistent, strecuram sucul si masuram cantitatea.

coacaze negre si rosii

Pentru fiecare litru de suc punem 1, 5 kg de zahar, in prima varianta, sau 1 kg zahar si 1 si 1/2 pastila de aspirina netamponata dizolvata in putina apa calda, in varianta II.

Se amesteca bine pana se dizolva zaharul si se pune in sticle curate si uscate.

Se poate pune si in recipiente mai mari, gen damigene micute sau sticle de plastic de 5 litri. Din aceste recipiente putem sa punem in striclute mai mici pentru consum, atunci cand dorim. Se consuma diluat cu apa minerala sau cu apa simpla rece, in dilutie de pana la 1:8.

Este un sirop de aur :)

Puteti incerca si siropul de trandafiri.

Conservariti cu dragoste!


No Boil Blackcurrant Syrup

This kind of blackcurrant syrup, done without boiling, has the exact same steps of preparation as the raspberry no boil syrup: it’s done by fermentation.

Prepared this way, the syrup retains all the vitamins and nutrients that made it famous. The method can be easily modified, depending on what one thinks is best for their body.

The first method uses a larger amount of sugar, i.e. 1.5 kg per 1 liter of liquid, the other one uses the regular quantity, which is 1 kg per 1 liter of liquid, but you also have to add 1 pill of non-buffered aspirin.

No boil blackcurrant syrup – The ingredients and preparation steps:

  • Blackcurrant (you can also mix black and red ones) – any quantity you gather or buy
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Aspirin (obtional)

Unfold the berries from their slacks, wash them well, especially if you don’t know the source, and put them in a roomy pot.

Mash them with your hands at first. Add a quantity of water enough to cover and even exceed their height by 1-2 CM. Mix the composition, cover it with a towel and leave it to ferment in heat for 3-4 days.

Stir occasionally. When the blackurrant pulp raises to the surface layer to form a consistent layer, filter the juice and measure the quantity.

For every liter of juice add 1.5 kg of sugar OR 1 kg of sugar + 1 non-buffered aspirin pill dissolved in warm water.
Mix it well until the sugar dissolves and pour the liquid in clean and dry bottles.

You can also put it in larger bottles of up to 5 liters. You can later transfer syrup to smaller bottles, based on your needs. Drink dilluted with mineral or still water (dilution ratio of up to 1:8).

It’s golden!♥

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